Enviance Leverages Broader Portfolio to Deliver EH&S Value With Release of Ergonomic and Inspection App Product Features

December 1, 2015

Company increases investment in Enviance, Remedy Interactive Solutions to become single source for complete environmental, health & safety solutions

CARLSBAD, Calif.Oct. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Enviance, a leader in cloud-based environmental, health and safety (EH&S) management software, today announced that the company’s continued investment in Enviance and recently acquired Remedy Interactive platforms have resulted in product enhancements that deliver more environmental, health and safety (EH&S) value to the companies’ clients.

Together, Enviance and Remedy Interactive comprise a comprehensive portfolio of EH&S solutions that enable organizations to work with one vendor to achieve all of their EH&S goals. Enviance is continuing its industry momentum by releasing several enhancements to Remedy Interactive’s Office Ergonomic Software and the Enviance Inspection App solutions.

Available Oct. 15, 2015, new features in the office ergonomic solution set are designed to help program administrators achieve better insight into individual employee cases and to gain metrics on how well the organization is achieving its ergonomic goals as well as metrics about the perceived benefits of the company’s ergonomic program. New features include:

  • Case Management – Provides rich filtering, allowing administrators and evaluators to easily query the system to generate a list of the cases so they can view/take action/answer questions. Examples include: show me how many cases are assigned to a particular evaluator, show me the unscheduled cases so that I can schedule them, show me a list of cases that were closed last month, etc.
  • Employee Historical View – Provides administrators with a single view of all activities and events for an employee across the Office Ergonomic Software solution set. This information can easily be exported and shared across the user base to facilitate reporting. The capability significantly reduces the time and effort required to produce documentation for workers’ compensation claims.
  • Evaluation Survey – Automatically sends a survey to employees about their ergonomic evaluation experience and collects responses for qualitative analysis. Surveys can also be used to advance the ergonomic process by inquiring if employees desire a follow-up evaluation.
  • Photo Captions – Enables an evaluator to caption images they add to their evaluation worksheet, including “before evaluation” and “after evaluation” in their ergonomic reports to employees and supervisors.
  • Reports – Enables administrators to run reports including:
    • Employee Participation and Status Management (have they had an evaluation?)
    • Ergonomic and Wellness Equipment Inventory
    • Resource and Evaluation Tracking (time to perform evaluation)
    • Case Scheduling and Management (including reschedules)

“In today’s complex work environments, companies are consolidating their vendors to those that can share a single vision while achieving a variety of business goals. By combining and strengthening the Enviance and Remedy Interactive offerings, Enviance can bring the market better, more comprehensive solutions that span an organization’s entire environmental, health and safety needs,” said David Muse, CEO of Enviance. “Enviance is the only EH&S vendor that provides a full health and ergonomic product suite alongside its environmental and safety software lines.”

In addition to ergonomic software enhancements, Enviance has also released improvements to its Inspection Application. The latest release of Enviance’s Inspection app features improved ease-of-use and standardization. Organizations can now specify when follow-up actions are required to be collected during the inspection process. As a result, employees completing corrective actions must provide the required information, and the corrective action can’t be closed without this information further enhancing the adoption of safety practices and ensuring compliance.

In November 2015, Enviance will release an offline Inspection application that will continue to allow for full functionality while offline and automatically sync the data collected when a connection is available. This release will also provide Remedy Interactive clients with offline capabilities, enabling Remedy Interactive customers to use offline data collected during health and safety processes and sync it into the online solution.

“As momentum continues to build, Enviance and Remedy Interactive clients will benefit from increased product investment and additional value resulting from the combined solution portfolio,” said Kim Weiss, EVP of Strategy & Operations for Enviance. “Enviance is committed to delivering solutions and features that achieve our clients’ EH&S goals of today – and tomorrow.”

About Enviance
Enviance helps companies protect their people and the planet. A leading EH&S data management platform developed in the cloud and built to tackle the toughest EH&S problems, Enviance solutions are used by the world’s largest corporations and government agencies. Enviance’s data-driven business solutions help companies make better decisions to stay in compliance and manage operational risk with the broadest data and insights possible. In 2015, Enviance acquired Remedy Interactive, a leading provider of safety management software. To learn how companies leverage Enviance solutions, visit www.enviance.com or www.remedyinteractive.com


Marcia Olson