Tableau, Looker, Zoomdata Acquired…What’s Going On?

June 10, 2019, Posted by Ron Lissak

Today my plan was to post a note of congratulations to our client, Logi Analytics, on their acquisition of Zoomdata. But with Salesforce’s acquisition of Tableau, which followed Google’s acquisition of Looker last week, it is worth stepping back for a moment to ask if this is a coincidence or a growing trend? What do all these deals have in common other than they are happening now? For one thing, they are all about helping enterprise cu...

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Continued Consolidation in Embedded Analytics

March 8, 2019, Posted by Ron Lissak

As part of Catapult’s Smart Data Initiative, we are closely tracking trends in over 55 sub-sectors of the broader data & analytics ecosystem, including embedded analytics. Jinfonet’s recent acquisition by Logi Analytics (Catapult advised Jinfonet on this transaction) is part of a consolidation trend in embedded analytics that we see continuing in the months and years to come. The first wave of consolidation started back in 2014 with...

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Premium Transactions in Predictive & Advanced Analytics

June 5, 2017, Posted by Anton Papp

Paying premiums for acquisitions or investments is commonplace in the technology industry. When I was global head of corporate development for Teradata, we did several of those, such as acquiring Aster Data and Hadapt or investing in Hortonworks or Revolution Analytics. I am now a Partner at specialized investment bank Catapult Advisors, leading the firm’s initiatives in the broader big data & analytics market, which we call “Smart...

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Positioning your Company to be Bought, not Sold

December 2, 2016, Posted by Anton Papp

Engineering Premium M&A Quite often, premium M&A valuations require providing value to a would-be acquirer prior to a transaction. Forgetting this one bit of advice is the reason that so few tech entrepreneurs are able to sell their company at a premium valuation. As the former Vice President of Corporate Development at Teradata and a long-time tech investment banker, I am constantly amazed at how so many startups fail to develop s...

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What LinkedIn-Microsoft Means for the HCM Sector

June 15, 2016, Posted by Phil Wohl

Followers of the HCM software landscape have long been awaiting that high profile signature SaaS M&A transaction that would “break the dam” and lead to a flood of copy-cat transactions. We’ve recently seen this type of feeding frenzy play out across other areas of enterprise software, such as Email Marketing, eCommerce Platforms, Social Marketing, Web Content Management and Web Security. For the last big HCM consolidation wave,...

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Fine Line Between Employee Safety and HCM

April 29, 2015, Posted by Phil Wohl

On April 27, Enviance, a Battery Ventures portfolio company, acquired our client Remedy Interactive, a leading provider of SaaS solutions that improve employee health, safety and productivity. For over ten years, Remedy Interactive has been enabling its customers to reduce injuries and risk, while fostering a culture of safety throughout the enterprise. This transaction represents Catapult’s 6th HCM-related transaction and it exemplifies ...

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