Logi Analytics Acquires Zoomdata to Deliver the Sophisticated Requirements Mission-Critical Applications Need

June 10, 2019

Our mission at Logi is to deliver a trusted partner experience on the leading embedded analytics platform, and today we made another big step toward that goal. I’m excited to announce Logi has acquired Zoomdata, the leading analytics platform for exploring big data and live streaming data.

The nature of data is changing. It’s growing bigger, faster, and is increasingly being managed in next-generation data systems like Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), Elasticsearch, Google BigQuery, MongoDB, and Snowflake.

Zoomdata is the world’s fastest analytics platform for interacting with big data, live streaming data, and multisource data. For three years in a row, Zoomdata received the Technology Innovation Award for Big Data Analytics by Dresner Advisory Services. Zoomdata’s unique and patented streaming technology allows real-time visibility into data that is too big to move or changes frequently—both common challenges for Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, financial risk and fraud, customer insights, hospital patient care, and telco network performance applications.

Together, we’re helping application teams create smarter software. With this acquisition, Zoomdata’s groundbreaking software will be embedded in more applications. Many more end users will be able to analyze data in seconds, even across tens of billions of rows, within the applications they use all day, every day. And with Zoomdata’s worldwide network of key resellers and systems integrators like Deloitte, InfoSys, and Hitachi, we’ll help companies successfully adopt, build, and manage mission-critical applications. This acquisition is part of a new stage of growth for Logi. Earlier this year, I announced Logi’s acquisition of Jinfonet, the leading provider of embedded operational reports and creator of the product suite JReport. We’re excited to bring new product offerings to our customer base, and our team will ensure Zoomdata’s customers remain successful with sustained product updates and enhancements.