Continued Consolidation in Embedded Analytics

March 8, 2019, Posted by Ron Lissak

As part of Catapult’s Smart Data Initiative, we are closely tracking trends in over 55 sub-sectors of the broader data & analytics ecosystem, including embedded analytics. Jinfonet’s recent acquisition by Logi Analytics (Catapult advised Jinfonet on this transaction) is part of a consolidation trend in embedded analytics that we see continuing in the months and years to come.

The first wave of consolidation started back in 2014 with TIBCO acquiring Jaspersoft for $185M and OpenText’s forking out $300M for Actuate, followed shortly thereafter by Hitachi’s acquisition of Pentaho for over $500M. Marlin Equity Partners’ acquisition of Logi Analytics in 2017 signaled a new wave of consolidation, accelerated by Logi’s own recent acquisition of Jinfonet Software. All signs point to accelerating M&A activity in the space as strategic buyers compete for the remaining pure plays in the space.

The embedded analytics market, expected to exceed $60B in the coming years, is benefiting from three major trends:

  • Proliferation of data-aware, data-enabled enterprise applications
  • Rapidly growing, heterogeneous and complex data sources
  • Rising demand for real-time, in-context analytics linked to specific workflows

Modern organizations require insights to be closer to the business users. Users are increasingly unwilling to wait for the time-consuming process steps required to merge the analytic output from their general-purpose business intelligence tools into the tailored workflow of their enterprise applications.

As a result, developers are being asked today to incorporate ever more analytic functionality directly into the applications they are responsible for delivering. Explosive growth in the enterprise application market (estimated to be worth $259.5B by 2022) is causing developers to turn to the embedded analytics vendors with the most complete solutions to help them meet these new user requirements. The leading embedded analytics vendors are empowering developers with the tools to provide contextually relevant analytics to a broadening audience at the point of decision. In other words, with the growing use of embedded analytics, enterprise users can now glean actionable insights from data that is tailored to their specific workflow within the applications they use every day.

We’ve put together a proprietary report on embedded analytics to contextualize the market and to help stakeholders from across the ecosystem identify strategic opportunities. Click here to view the report.

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