Catapult’s HCM Practice Continues to Grow

July 28, 2014, Posted by Phil Wohl

Earlier this month, Catapult closed its 5th HCM-related transaction when we advised MoBolt on its sale to Indeed.  This deal is generating tremendous buzz in the HR technology community because it exemplifies the theme that every HCM software vendor is focused on: the shift to mobile. MoBolt has developed a best-in-class solution for leading employers such as Nike, Deloitte and Disney to accept mobile job applications. Sounds simple enough...

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Catapult’s Customer Experience Practice Gains Momentum: CX Increasingly Determines Winners and Losers as Power and Influence Shift to the Customer

April 22, 2014, Posted by Byron Bardy

What do Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce, SAP and IBM all agree on? Not much, except that there is a fundamental shift underway that revolutionizes the way businesses will be allocating their IT resources for years to come. Gone are the days when availability, price, or even advertising were enough to determine what the customer purchases, or from whom. Today, companies large and small are busy adapting to a brave new world where the customer’s ...

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Peeking Under Zulily Covers, Liking What We See

October 25, 2013, Posted by Phil Wohl

While the Street and Silicon Valley feverishly comb through the Twitter S1, the eCommerce community is focused on a different IPO. Zulily, a flash sales site focused on the “moms and kids” sector will become the first e-tailer to hit the public markets and the first to reward its venture backers with a $1Bn+ valuation exit—M&A or IPO.   With the flash sales category facing a wall of skepticism about the long term viability of th...

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SAP-hybris: eCommerce Game Changer

June 5, 2013, Posted by Phil Wohl

SAP is trying to make us look bad. Less than week after publishing a blog post where we predicted that hybris would be the next eCommerce platform vendor to brave the IPO waters (Spotlight on eCommerce Platform Vendors), the Walldorf giant said “not so fast,” signing an agreement to acquire hybris in a deal that has the eCommerce world buzzing.  The deal value wasn’t disclosed, but you can be sure the acquisition didn't come cheap when ...

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Spotlight on eCommerce Platform Vendors

May 29, 2013, Posted by Phil Wohl

If consumer sites such as Gilt, Fab and Warby Parker are the shiny gems of the eCommerce world, then the eCommerce platform vendors are the miners, engineers and heavy equipment that allow these gems to be unearthed. Companies like Demandware, hybris and Elastic Path may not be household names, but they play a critical role in the eCommerce ecosystem, providing a full suite of tools for building, operating and optimizing a commerce site. ...

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eCommerce Outlook: Skeptics vs. Believers

April 8, 2013, Posted by Phil Wohl

There is no sector within the software/internet  landscape that elicits stronger opinions about future growth trajectory then eCommerce. The Skeptics In one corner, you have the Skeptics who hear “eCommerce” and think “Webvan” and “” and then run to the nearest exit, fearing the bursting of another bubble. The Skeptics love to point to the fact that there have been exactly zero M&A exits greater than $1BN, with o...

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