MarketTech 2.0: Why 2013 Will Bring Increased Consolidation of Marketing Technologies

February 13, 2013, Posted by Byron Bardy

Whether you are the Chief Marketing Officer of a small, local business or a Global 2000 brand, the number of marketing tools your team is asking you to purchase today is likely overwhelming.  While rapid innovation of digital marketing technologies is helping to transform Marketing “into the new Finance” with their ability to measure and track ROI, the plethora of solutions also presents a conundrum for CMOs trying to allocate scarce reso...

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Follow the Money: Move over CIOs and make way for the CMO

October 30, 2012, Posted by Ron Lissak

If the last couple of decades were primarily about IT spending on infrastructure and applications to make corporations more efficient, we have entered a new era that promises to deliver much more than mere cost efficiency. According to Gartner’s Laura McLellan, CMOs are poised to spend more on IT than CIOs by the year 2017. Yes, if her forecast is even directionally correct, we will see huge shifts in the way IT budgets are allocated over th...

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Building Value Behind the Scenes: Why Preparation Matters

October 18, 2012, Posted by Ron Lissak

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin Ol’ Ben wasn’t talking about software M&A when he made this famous statement, but experienced entrepreneurs will recognize the wisdom of his words because they understand that good M&A preparation can mean the difference between an excellent outcome, a merely good outcome, or even no outcome at all. Or take the example of Gary Player, a South African, ...

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Workday Blasts Out of the Gates and Continues HCM’s March to the Cloud

October 12, 2012, Posted by Richard Zolezzi

Workday’s strong debut as a public company must be a sweet return for PeopleSoft founder Dave Duffield and Aneel Bhusri who have positioned Workday to be the “go to” HCM solution provider architected and built completely for the cloud. Priced at $28 per share and finishing up $20.69 on the day to $48.69 (+73%), Workday blasted out of the gates raising $637MM and capturing an $8.7B market cap.  Was it the team, the HCM space itself or...

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Dreamforce 2012

September 24, 2012, Posted by Byron Bardy

We attended Dreamforce 2012 and came away extremely impressed with both the quality and maturity of the ecosystem of ISVs and services providers surrounding Salesforce. If any attendee had lingering doubts that Salesforce is the spiritual leader of the cloud computing movement, those doubts were surely dashed after seeing the energy and excitement of the partners, customers and attendees on the Expo floor over three crowded days. Given Cata...

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